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If you or your organisation is involved in new project or one of the projects below, you can add or edit the project information that is displayed or even add images. Just access your member dashboard and choose Add/Edit a Project.

All care is taken to ensure this database is complete and accurate however Climate Friendly and the site administrators take no responsibility for its accuracy or otherwise. The Clean Energy Regulator's Emissions Reductions Fund Register should be referred to as the master resource which supersedes this page.

The Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011  (CFI Act) requires the Clean Energy Regulator to publish and maintain a web-based Register of Offsets Projects. An eligible offsets project is a project that involves activities that achieve greenhouse gas abatement and has been declared by the Clean Energy Regulator as an eligible offsets project under section 27 of the CFI Act.

The information in the Register about a particular eligible offsets project could change at any time. A declaration that the project is an eligible offsets project might be varied or revoked by the Clean Energy Regulator in the circumstances specified by the CFI Act. For example, if the Clean Energy Regulator discovers that the information given by a person in connection with an eligible offsets project was false or misleading. ​​​​​​​

Download the complete Register of Offsets Projects from the Clean Energy Regulator Website

This website was developed and maintained by Climate Friendly under a grant from the Australian Government under the Carbon Farming Futures Extension and Outreach program.

The project was completed in June 2017 and this website will no longer be updated.
The information remains relevant and this website will remain live until June 2018.