6 Logical Reasons Why You Should Organise Your Blood Test Online

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There are many great and logical reasons why you should organise your next blood test online as opposed to heading over to your local GP for a referral. If your doctor wants to perform a serology analysis of your white and red cells (or your plasma count), then it’s likely so she/he can rule out any immune conditions, like an iron deficiency. They can also be helpful in monitoring the health of your vital organs, which is very important if your family has a history of heart or liver disease. Thankfully, it is no longer essential that you head to your local GP to pick up a referral. These days, patients can organise a referral or a blood test online, saving time, money and resources.

Saves time

While most people still get their referrals and prescriptions from their local GPs, it is true that such endeavours are no longer necessary. In fact, internet-based medical portals have enabled patients to connect with highly-qualified doctors and medical professionals via video consultations, meaning making an appointment with your local GP is no longer your only option. Indeed, organising your blood test online via a web-based platform saves you the time involved in travelling to your GP centre, waiting for your doctor and then finally receiving your referral. Save some time and handle all your medical needs from the comfort of your home.

More convenient

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If you’re a parent and need to be watching your children in the afternoon after school, finding the time to get to the doctor’s can be a real struggle. Thankfully, you can organise your medical appointments or a blood test online and from the comfort of your home. No need to hire a nanny or ask a neighbour to watch over your kids while you go to the doctors. It’s also great if you’re too sick to get out of bed and see your doctor. Clearly, using the internet to complete some medical-related things is a far more convenient method of ensuring your overall health and well-being.

Safety is still strong

Naturally, you want any personal, medical-related information to be strictly confidential between you and your doctor. As a result, many of these web-based platforms use secure, 256-bit SSL Certificates to ensure all video consultations are secure and kept private. You can rest assured that your private medical information will not be leaked into the public domain.

Any time, any where

Another great benefit of getting your blood test online is the fact that you can organise it at a time that is most suited to you. It could be late on a Friday night at home or in your lunch break on a Wednesday. Whenever you are free and able to organise your blood test online is a suitable time, because many of these platforms are open night and day, 7 days a week.

High quality doctors

What’s even better is the fact that you’ll still get access to some of Australia’s best doctors, even if it is from the comfort of your bed at home. All medical professionals on these platforms are required to be registered, insured and fully qualified. So, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are compromising your ability to get high-quality medical advice if you are doing everything via the internet.

You can review your doctors

Finally, you also have the power to be rate your doctors immediately following your consultation. This means that if you were dissatisfied with the quality of service, you can inform the relevant powers at be about this via the feedback option. This means that you can organise your blood test online from a doctor that you trust and respect with your medical information.



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